Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Google search "iPhone Body Mod"

My name is T.J..... okay, got that out of the way.

Now i have always been wrapped up with technology. I started by taking apart toys as a kid and never really putting them back together quite right (I was making them better!). This taught me how to take apart stuff without the proper tools at all. I really started understanding how technology works when I got a job at my local Best Buy, I was there for three years before stumbling upon a very fast growing alarm company where I am now a technal support analyst. besides the money the next big thing that attracted me to this company was the fact i would be off every weekend, I havent had off on a saturday or sunday in just about 3 years so this was like haven.

This past weekend i went to my families house in the mountians, Sunday morning I woke up and was looking up some "body mods" for my iphone, ya know, flashing lights and stuff... well when I did a google search for "iPhone body mods" i was directed to a blog by Dann ( that was titled "Body Hacking: My Magnetic Implant" I was instantly interested and read the entire blog and every comment. I than began searching to find any and all info i could look up about magnetic implants. To think, i could go through a 15 min prociedure to enchance my own senses, and in a way actually add a real sixth sense. after having a total of 66 stiches so far, how bad  could one or two more be?

As i did my searches i kept comming across a shop titled Hot Rod Piercing Co. In Pittsburgh I called them and was directed to An artist, who happens to be the only artist there than can perform this, we talked for about 15 mins. He seems to be a great guy, I wanted to be comfortable with the shop I was going to because not only is this alittle more than a piercing I would be driving upwards of 5 hours to have it done. We discussed magnet types, advantages of both he offers, where they come from, pricing, as well as the procedure and healing process.

I want to write here to share my experience and talk to others who may be interested as well as those who have had this procedure, this is just the first step. Within the time it's going to take me to set up the appointment and put aside some money I am going to be doing many "experiments?" to understand more about magnets and their fields as well as the field put off by other devices, please feel free to comment or email me about anything you have come across that you believe is interesting as well as some things I could do with magnets to understand them better.

Thank you and nice to meet you all!